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General Mathematical Resources

  • Wikipedia: Mathematics Portal of Wikipedia
  • MathWorld: Mathematical resources from Wolfram Research
  • The Prime Pages: Prime Number Research, Records and Resources
  • OEIS: The Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.
  • Yahoo: Mathematics directory of Yahoo
  • PlanetMath: Online Mathematics Encyclopedia
  • WhyDoMath: Mathematical topics at a popular level.
  • Math in the Media: AMS monthly survey of mathematics news
  • EoM: Open access Encyclopedia of Mathematics for the mathematics community.

Mathematical Societies and Organizations

  • IMS: Irish Mathematical Society
  • EMS: European Mathematical Society
  • AMS: The American Mathematical Society
  • MAA: The Mathematical Association of America
  • SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • IMA: The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

History of Mathematics

  • MGP: The Mathematics Genealogy Project
  • AIMM: Annals of Irish Mathematics & Mathematicians
  • TCD: History of Mathematics pages at Trinity College Dublin
  • MacTutor: History of Mathematics archive, St Andrew’s University
  • StoryOfMathematics: Elementary history of mathematics and mathematicians.

Educational Sites

  • Online College Courses: A collection of open college courses in mathematics
  • OCW: MIT Open Courseware in Mathematics
  • Khan Academy: Thousands of mathematics videos
  • BetterExplained: Math explanations that click
  • NRICH: To enrich Primary and Secondary level mathematics.
  • Mathcentre: Videos, tutorials, leaflets, etc. on mathematics
  • Udacity: Courses in computer science, mathematics, physics, etc.
  • StackExchange: Q&A for people studying mathematics at all levels.
  • Maths E.G: Maths Examples Galore. Database of 2000 mathematics questions.
  • OEDb: Database of Free Online Open Courses in Mathematics.

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